The Poop Doula Tales

Potty training is a major developmental milestone (and parenting task) that everyone does, but that can be difficult to discuss frankly. It’s messy, it’s personal, and it brings out the best and worst in us and our children. Poop Doula Tales will be a searchable library of potty training stories–like birth stories, but for toileting. Its goal is to help other parents know what to expect and feel less alone in facing this uniquely challenging endeavor.

Stories will be added on an ongoing basis. Right now, we’re inviting and editing drafts of your family’s real, recent potty training experiences for inclusion in the first batch of stories.

'Poop Doula Tales' is written on a gray stripe over a closeup of a toilet training potty seat.

Here are some points to include in your story, where relevant:

  • Who: child’s age, gender, personality, siblings; family situation and priorities
  • What: supplies, gear, books, rewards that you tried, and what worked best (we’ll add relevant links)
  • When you started (age in months*) and how you decided; any previous exposure to the potty
  • Where training occurred: at home, at daycare/preschool, etc., and how did you manage outings?
  • How you did it: methods
  • Feelings: your child’s, yours, and caregivers; triumphs and fails, high and low moments
  • Timeline of progression and/or regression of skills: pee, poop, outings, pants, underwear, daycare/school, naps and nights as relevant; and where you’re at now
  • Reflections and advice for other parents

Most stories will be between 500-2000 words; that is, a few paragraphs or more. You can read an example story here. You’re welcome, but not required, to include your own photos (without frontal nudity or pee/poop) to illustrate your story. I’ll work with you on editing, and you can choose to be credited as the author or to remain anonymous.

Send your story draft, questions, and ideas to

The Poop Doula Tales is part of Littldata’s Potty Project, which also includes the Potty Training Exit Survey, a quantitative investigation into potty training timing, methods, and results. Littldata’s blog, and the Potty Project, use Amazon Affiliate links. You can join Littldata’s mailing list here.

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