What Attractions Are Open in and Around San Francisco?

More attractions are reopening each week, many by timed tickets only, while others are still closed. I’ve started tracking the status of over 100 family-friendly destinations in and around San Francisco, with updates and new additions every week. Click through to get inspiration for your next outing, figure out where you want to plan a few weeks ahead with advance reservations, and find out which venue has a cap of three celery sticks per person (that one is the Tilden Little Farm!)

The spreadsheet is here. Please share this with anyone who you think might find it helpful!

Click here for the full spreadsheet.

If this listing is helpful for you, I can let you know the next time I have a San Francisco resource to share. Join Littldata’s email list!

My goal at Littldata’s is to help parents in San Francisco and beyond figure out their family logistics by sharing tools such as maps, calendars, lists, and spreadsheets–as well as research-backed blog posts and data graphics. If you have feedback or ideas for future content, please contact me (Lian) at littldata@gmail.com.

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